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Born into white—literally and figuratively, Mark came home in a blizzard, almost to the day of the release of the “White Album,” by the Beatles. He is a native New Yorker with roots in the upstate region of the Adirondack Park. Mark is a man of the mountains, with a spirit for adventure. He spent a few years in Colorado, 20 years in Seattle, a few years between Seattle and Tucson and officially settled in ("just") Tucson in 2016. 

His experiences personally and professionally, have fueled many insights and careers across multiple areas of design, including: learning and development/instructional design, graphic design, fine art, illustration, music & performance, photography and classroom education. He has worked for a variety of large and small organizations including Microsoft and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.


In 2020, after participating in a series of podcasts with Boom Talk Media, Mark jumped on board to collaborate with the founders in their book publishing ventures, and is now looking forward to all the future may offer in new creative endeavors.

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