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I have played some fun games and jumped through some curious hoops over the years, having the honor to collaborate and write with some truly wonderful and talented people. What started as a desire to contribute in some way to a visual storytelling book, became much bigger and exciting. That has grown to some truly personal books on meditation and evolving your inner story to influence the outer one. It continues to be an amazing ride! All images below link to Amazon.

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Relief From Worrying

This is where the wonderful collaboration started—art direction with Boom Talk Media on the first of a series of "relief-lets." Very powerful collaborations for ever-changing times.

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Patience & Possibility

This beautiful reflection and teaching brings the power of inward reflection and resilience to successes, inner joy and brilliance.

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Wisdom Within & Without

This third book in the series details the journey of yours truly, using words and images to illustrate the challenges and glory of the artist over the last five years.

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Stories That Move Mountains

What started as a design collaboration became an author collaboration as we worked through the power of visual storytelling to tell a most persuasive argument. 

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