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I work and flow with the spirit of sound.  I play. I write. I listen. I perform. I collaborate. More specifically, I have a passion for melody, voice, rhythm and drums. I write and record when I have time, but often consider myself a performer first, that is more interested in audience engagement than anything else. You'll find some excerpts of my work here, with Mark West Music being my solo work as a writer, and the others being collaborations, with drumming my primary contribution. I am also adding music videos here, through collaboration with Alex Johnson

Soundscapes & Soundtracks

Here you will find my latest venture into (mostly) instrumental tracks recently dubbed "modern ambient" by collaborator Alex Johnson. When not working with Alex, I tend to track everything myself, but collaboration is always very exciting! Many these tracks inspire pleasant visual stories, reflections of past events, healing moments, or just plain relaxation. It's a style that really feels good. Sometimes "chill" and reflective, other times driving and energetic. Virtually all tracks include drumming using state of the art MIDI techniques to enhance the feel of the other instrumentation.

Open Minds & Ticking Clocks

This is my first music video in  collaboration with Alex. He did a great job with both his bass guitar and video contributions.

Truth Be Known

Chugging along at a solid and consistent tempo, this piece conjures sailing on the sea... No motor required. 

Moon Rise

Deep contemplation, clarity and focused movement on this relaxed track.

Eat a Burrito or Die

Synths and upright bass cruise over some drumming.

Starting Again

Uplifting track with a chorus of vocals to elevate your experience.

Music Box

A delicate and reflective piece inspired by sounds of vintage music boxes and old toys.

Below are a variety of different "rock-oriented" tracks from my solo work and drumming with other bands.

Mark West Music

Break the Borders
Free My Soul
Living Motion
On the Road


Gypsy Medley
Follow Me Up To Carlow

Los Testosterones


Stick Figures

No Happy
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