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The fire to explore burns at my core as I create and deliver many different visual forms and deliverables for clients and organizations. The three broader specialty areas are detailed below. I am a versatile creative collaborator who plays well with others and iterates towards impactful solutions. Having fun during the process is SO important! You can explore examples by flipping through the gallery under the three areas below.

Presentation Design

Moving beyond the bullet points on the screen, I always strive to challenge the status quo for what a presentation is expected to be, and how information is presented. This is supported by the book I co-authored on persuasive presentations. Story is always driven by audience. Please see my writing and publications section!

Infographic Design

Also driven by my interests and passions around presentation and visual storytelling, I strongly feel there is data—but then there has to be meaningful impact around that data. Information is always valuable, but it needs to be formulated in an impactful and convincing way. 

Graphic Design

I must admit, I feel I have led an exciting life. I have created design and design elements for magazines, packaging, catalogs and other forms of print, as well as textiles, CD-Rom games, and websites. I have learned SO much!

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